Alisin Demonwrought

Baroness and Sorceress with human, demon and dwarven blood


1) The college will come to know my power! I will be named master wizard! Bring the college a binder.
2) Delve into my demonic heritage! Gain a better understanding of demons from Fahrad the Raksha.
3) If I don’t have my title I don’t have my power! Make sure this mission succeeds.

1)When surprised I first cast ‘The Fear’
2)Never relinquish what I have taken as my own.
3)I always have my magic items handy

Character Traits:Spooky, Always in the way, Rash, Stubborn.
Die Traits:Fey Blood, Tainted Legacy, Greed, Strange Child, Celestial Sight, (Fearless).
Call-On Traits:Driven(Sorcery), Enchanter, Aggravating(Obfuscate & Incite)

Strange child: 2D INFAMOUS reputation as spawn of Azyriel.
Demon Slayer: 1D reputation as slayer of demons.

Fate: 13
Persona: 5
Deeds: 2

A county.

Spells known:
Call of Iron
The Fear
Gray Cloak
Horses Stride


Will Power Agility Perception Forte Speed
B6 B4 B4 B6 B7 B6


Health Greed Reflexes Circles Resources Steel Hesitation Mortal Wound
B6 B6 B5 B3 B4 G6 4(1) B11

Physical Tolerances:

Tolerance Su Li Me Se Tr Mo
Coordinate B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 B6 B7 B8 B9 B10 B11 B12 B13 B14 B15 B16


Reading B3
Foraging B3
Symbology B3
Circination B2
Bone Headed-wise B2
Sorcery B6
Enchanting B5
Inconspicious B5
Astrology B3
Bloodletting B4
Ugly Truth B3
Alchemy B4
Aura Reading B4
Persuation B3
Element Anima-wise B2

Skills Being Learned:
School of Mages-wise

The Amulet of unrelenting courage (Grants trait: ‘Fearless’ reenchantable)
Enchanting Toolkit
Alchemy Toolkit
Circination Toolkit
Superior quality sword from a band of mercs
Pendant of the Mountain Flower (2d health when recovering)
Wand of Earthy Doom (
1d to shards for one intent)
Darius Staff (1d Sorcery and sustaining matrix for Eldritch Shield)
2 x Dwarven made Superior Daggers (
1d balance VA 2 P 2, enchantable)
Dwarven made Superior Light Mail Armour (Enchantable)
Dwarven made Fine ring (Enchantable)
Blood of a tiger demon
The iron band (1d to will when using ‘call of iron’ Single use)
Ring of Fortitude (
2d to Forte, needs to be recharged)
One Draft of Dwarven Nog
Cashe on hand: 1d + 2d + 2d + 2d +(1d usable only to buy affiliation)


As soon as she was born the taint of her demonic blood became apparent. Not many children are born with pitch black eyes. And it was certain that the priests would have her slain to ensure the evil that possessed her. The evil that caused her mother to die giving birth to her, would not cause any more harm.

Her father looked at her with sadness in his eyes. He had just lost his wife and now the taint that ran in his own blood had corrupted his daughter. “I am sorry for your loss your Grace” The midwife said, “Let me make take this hellchild to the priests so they can cleanse it of its evil.”

Fighting to hold back his tears he spoke: “No! She killed my wife. I will not let the priests show mercy to… that thing.” He took the little girl out of the midwifes arms with a hard strong yank. “Watch the boy while I go dispose of.. this.. in the river.” As he said the last words he was already out the door.

He hurried down the stairs and into his study. There he scribbled a quick note while his daughter cried in his arms. Then he hurried towards the service entrance and grabbed one of the baskets used for firewood on the way out.

Just as he had taken the basket a maid walked in and stopped in wonderment at what she saw. He sighed and thought for a seccond, and then with an expression of a person forced to completely against his nature he spoke in a soothing voice. “I’ll throw away this broken basket, could you run down to buy a replacement.”

The maid Marie nodded while the voices of dozens of demons whispered as silently as the summer breeze into her ears:“Broken! It is broken! Your master is doing you a favor. Accept it quickly before he scolds you for leaving a broken basket lying around. Be thankful he is such a good man!” still nodding she replied her master “Right away your Grace” and hurried away thankful that she had such a nice master that he would help her with her chores.

Running all the way he came to the river he held her up and looked into her eyes. They looked back as if piercing into his soul and he fell to his knees and began to cry.

Stumbling over all the words he spoke to his daughter for the first time. “Alisin my daughter. Don’t let anyone say it was your fault. And may the gods guide you to some loving people who can protect you better than me.”
He took the note he had written and placed it in her blanket. Then he gently placed her in the basket and walked into the river. Holding the basket and looking at his daughter he took off his ring and placed it in her hands. “Be safe” he said as he let go of the basket and watched it drift up river against the stream.

Staring up river for a while after the basket left his sight he finally got out of the river and slowly walked home.

Her skal historien om hvordan Alisin blev fundet i landsbyen Yore og bragt til landsbyen Oak.

Her skal være nogle ord om Alisins plejefamilie og hendes tidlige opvækst

Noget om hendes første tur til Torus og mødet med akademiet.

Hvordan fjendskabet med Darius startede og at hun blev smidt ud af akademiet

Hendes tid som apprentice hos en landsby troldmand nær prinsens hjemby

Hendes tid som udlært og hvordan hun kom i kontakt med prinsens hær.

Deeds rewarded for the following heroics:
1. Rescuing a Roden from a cave in.
2. Helping to dissuade a large army from engaging in a lengthy siege that would have seen many casualties on both sides.

Alisin Demonwrought

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