Baronetesse Ahri

Smugler og nyslÄet adelig.


Lifepaths: City Born, Criminal, Smuggler, Smuggler
Traits: Cynical, Paranoid, Street Smart
Descriptive Traits: Follower, Leader, To the Point, Red Hair Hacked Short, Wiry, Loyal, Teasingly Vindictive, Runs a Tight Ship, Opportunistic
Abilities: Inconspicious B5, Streetwise B5, City-Wise B3, Persuasion B4, Falsehood B4, Appraisal, Law-Wise, Stealthy B4, Knives B3
Competent Smuggler with Connections Among The Guard – 1D Reputation
Band of Smugglers – 2D Affiliation


Baronetesse Ahri

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