Gede Knepperen

Minor: Scout Sergeant under Captain Karin.


Lifepaths: Born Peasant, Hunter, Lead to Soldier, Foot Soldier, Lead to Outcast, Freebooter, Lead to Soldier, Sergeant (Age: 28)
Traits: [dt] Cold-Blooded, [dt] Eye of the Hunter, [dt] Tough, [char] Foul Smelling
Descriptive Traits: Fishbone Between His Teeth, Smells Like Goat, Dear God what Happened to his Gums!?, Why Does This Man Inspire Loyalty!?, More Dangerous Than He Looks
Skills, Stats and Attributes: Orienteering B4, Stealthy B5, Perception B5, Speed B5, Forte B5, MW B11, Circles B2, Command B4, Bow B4, Mace B3
Goatskins, Leather Armour, Worn Mace, Hunting Bow, Nasty Knife, Endless Supply of Fishbones
Sergeant in the Army Under Captain Karin – 1D Affiliation
He May Stink, But He is Our Sergeant – 1D Reputation among his men

Artha: 4 F, 1 P


Gede Knepperen

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