William Ward

Løjtnant, loyal til hæren Karin og hans venner, men ellers ekstremt "pragmatisk".


William Ward – Officer in the army.

Lifepaths – City Born, Student, Lead to Outcast, Smuggler, Freebooter
Age – 25


Wi Pe Ag Sp Po Fo
B6 B4 B6 B5 B5 B4


Hea Ref MW Ste Hes Res Cir Stride
B5 B5 B10 B8 4 B3 B5 7
PTGS Su: B3 Li: B5 Mi: B7 Se: B8 Tr: B9 Mo: B10

Skills – Persuasion B6, Falsehood B3, Intimidation B3, Ugly Truth B1, Club B5, Knives B3, Crosbow B5, Tactics B3, Surgery B2, Anatomy B1, Stealthy B5, Inconspicious B3, Observation B3, Write B2, Streetwise B2, City-wise B1, Fortress-wise B1, War-wise B2, Loot-wise B1.


  1. Honour and Pride is the Currency of nobles and other fools, but loyalty keeps men alive in dark and dangerous places. I will help the Roden walk the streets in safety.
  2. I will make my way in the world despite my birth and background, I will rise in the Prince’s Council, first convince the army to form a spy unit.
  3. I Owe loyalty to the army and more than loyalty to Karin – I will delay or stop the advancing armies.


  1. If trouble threatens fade into the background with Spirit Unseen
  2. Always keep an eye out for trouble.
  3. Always keep my crossbow loaded

Gear – Leather armour, Dwarwen made Lucian hammer +1 d, Superior crossbow +1d, superior quality dagger, travelling gear.
Property – none

3D The army

1D Hidbringeren (blandt Rodents)
1D Deamon Slayer (i hæren)
1D Karins man (i hæren)
Relationships – Captain Karin, Captain Connor

Spells or Rituals -

Traits – [CO] Quiet, [Dt] Geometric, [Char] paranoid, [Char] mercyless, [Dt] Cold Blooded, [Char] exasperated, [CO] Charismatic, [CO] Savy, [Char?] Possesed], [DT] spetic Unseen, [Char?] Lawbreaker

Weapon Type I M S Add VA WS Strike Dist

Weapon Notes
1 Two-handed, may not be used with a shield
2 May Great Strike


William Ward

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