Perfume of Persuation


When used this perfume makes the user more charming for the duration of a duel of wits.

+1d to Persuation
Openends Persuation
Negate +2 Obstacle for Persuation.

Needed to create:
ob 3 enchanting test
ob 4 enchanting test
ob 4 enchanting test

The imbuing process must take place during the night while the Zodiac for the lovers are at their highest.
Imbuing process FORKS: Astrology, Alchemy

Time to create 11 hours or less. With a maximum of 6 hours spent each night to fully harness the power of the lovers zodiac.


Created by Alisin Demonwrought to assist in persuading an army to turn around and go home instead of marching on the city where she lived.

This perfume have a fresh and citrus aroma.

First bottle ever to be created was used by Sir William Ward. But it is expected this particular item will be recreated by many men who wish to have the ability to persuade people as if they had practiced their whole life.

Alisin plans to have her future apprentices produce perfumes with similar although lesser effect for profit.

Perfume of Persuation

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