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Burning Cities

The City state of Torus has fallen to Prince Argus and his army. Before his army came a mismatched group of 3 individuals.

William Ward, a pragmatic sergeant, lowborn lover of a noble captain and dead set on making a place in this world for him. In the merciless icescape of his soul an Angel now stands, crying for the fate of a downtrodded people.

Alisin Demonwrought, a driven and occasionally mercurial sorceress with demon blood in her veins, a dwarf’s greed and near unlimited thirst for power… only tempered by her merciful nature.

Rose NAME NAME, the scion of a noble house and trading empire, betrayed by her brother and now hunted by demons he sends in the night. She knows he has not only betrayed her, but his city and his people. Vengeance, pride and duty drives her on in equal measures.

Plato the Munitionist

Prince Argus has drawn the ire of 3 mighty city states and they have sent all their might against the City of Torus, determined to make the city his tomb. With him his army shall fall.

Even as the the hour draws near, Prince Argus prepares for battle. His men have sworn to follow him to death and even beyond. He knows that if he should fall, his world may be taken by the Perusian Empire and he would rather die. He may be prepared to do anything to prevent that fate… even to the worlds detriment.

Coming this winter, to a tabletop near you!

People to Kill

The difference between minor and major npcs.

Major NPCs

Master Sorcerer Darius
Captain Karin
Prince Argus Fidelius

Minor NPCs

Gede Knepperen
Fahrad the Raksha
Lord Dougal
Master Tavos Appleton
Baronetesse Ahri
Kaptajn Sevanthes
Lord Augustus
Rakela Ravenheart

A World of Embers

City States of Aroth – The primary region where the campaign takes place.
Sarkosian Empire – The empire to the east that’s basically the Persian Empire.

Places to Burn

Important Locations

City of Torus
Magic Academy of Torus
Kornall’s Tomb

Places of Interest

Taloon Forest
Taloon Chalk Mines
City of Tarnia
City of Lareos

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Main Page

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